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Sewer & Septic

Do you have a sewer system or a septic system? Sewer systems, usually found in cities and towns, are maintained by a government-owned sewer system. This system takes the wastewater to a treatment facility, where it is filtered and cleaned so that the purified water can be delivered back into the local water supply.

In rural or less populated areas not serviced by a public sewer, septic tanks are more common. In a septic tank, bacteria works to breakdown the solid waste at the bottom of the tank, and the wastewater floats to the top and is carried to a drain field.

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Decades of Experience Servicing Sewer & Septic Systems

However, both sewer and septic systems can get clogged up. And when they do, Sheesley’s Sewer Service Inc in Elmira Heights, NY is here to help. We work with home and business owners across the surrounding areas, clearing clogged pipes for a smoother, cleaner, reliable water flow. We offer installations, maintenance and repairs for all types of sewer and septic systems.

Plumbing services


What’s clogging up your pipes? Sludge? Hair? Scum? Waste? Other toxins and pollutants? You probably don’t want to know. But our team is prepared to pump out even the most stubborn clogs. We get to the core of the problem; we know that behind that leak or slow drain might just lie a bigger problem with your sewer or septic system. Our state-of-the-art pump truck will clean out solids, thick sludge, and grease. We will have your sewage pipes, septic tank, dry wells, grease traps or pump stations cleared out and running smoothly.

Excavation services


Installing or repairing a new sewer system or septic tank often requires excavation to access or create the required trenches. We work closely with local watersheds and health departments to always stay compliant with codes and regulations when performing excavation work. After we are done, we restore the yard with either machine grading or topsoil and seed if requested by clients. Our goal is to ensure we do the proper work on your sewer or septic system, but that your yard doesn’t show it when we are done. In fact, we even offer trenchless technology to further minimize any damage.

For more information about our sewer and septic services, or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today at (607) 733-1862!

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